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Many web developers and internet entrepreneur’s know of Six Apart, the amazing design studio who has done work with many popular startups, notably Movable Type and Typepad. A fantastic project they’ve been working on has recently grabbed my attention, found simply at

The concept for the site is numbingly simple – create a catalog of the best blogs from many topics, and then syndicate their RSS feeds to show their latest posts. Categories range from business, celebrities, gaming, tech, and really anything you can think of! The front page is chosen by selected editors who work on the site, and inclusion in the network is as simple as submitting your site.

What I really like about the site is how useful the service is, although simple. Nothing else online today currently stands up to the potential of a huge blogging directory of only high-class blogs. Not only that, but it’s selective to be included in the site – not just any blog’s feed is added into any category.

I find this to be both a great idea and a bit of an annoyance. It does help remove spammy submissions and boring blogs from the site. However it also halts true writing freedom, as editors are the main moderators of the site’s front page and published categories. However some order is needed on a site like this, and I agree with Six Apart’s choices so far.

The service is new and still growing every day. Some of my personal favorite categories include tech news and web 2.0, which have stories from great blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch.

I’ll be surely watching the community as it grows over the next few months. If you have something to say to the editors of the site, or you want to suggest a new category or feature to be added, you can freely contact them through For more information on the startup venture, you can also check out their about page which has some very cool background info.

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