How to get great blog post ideas for free in 2018?


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Being a professional blogger is not easy. You will have to think about new blog post every day. Sometimes, you will struggle to get new ideas. You will be frustrated, depressed and think of quitting as a blogger.

Before you take any major decision, go through the below top five places from which you can get new topics for your blog.

How to get new blog post ideas?

Use RSS reader:

Feedly and QuiteRSS are my favorite applications. Feedly is a web-based tool whereas QuiteRSS is a standalone desktop software for Windows OS. I switch between the two RSS readers whenever I am bored with one.

I have subscribed to content published on top blogs and news websites. Whenever I find a new news which suits my website, I try to search for some more news on the company which has launched the product. Subscribing to a news feed is easy.

RSS readers are much better than the Facebook news feed. Use them to get blog post ideas. Social networking sites are distracting.

Go through forums:

If you are publishing how-to articles on your blog, the forums are the best places to find new blog post ideas. People use forums to get answers to your question. If you know the answer to one of the most frequently asked question, write a blog post on it. If you find a question which has never been answered before, try to find an answer for it. Once you find the answer, jot down the answer as a new post.

Some of the most popular websites to engage in discussion are Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit.

Check press releases

Most companies have set up a press release page on their site. On this webpage, you will find news about the firm and their new product launches. For example, If Samsung has introduced a new HDD, it will update its press release page with the details on the new product.

Join Newsletters

You will find beautiful opt-in forms embedded in the sidebar of your favorite websites. If you are a blogger who writes an article once in two or three days, join the newsletter of top websites. When you are ready to publish a new post on your site, check the newsletters for getting ideas.

Check trending topics

Trending topics are the ones which people are discussing. Google search allow you to explore the trending topics. Twitter has a trending topics section where you can check the hottest news stories. If you find a new story, write a blog post on it.

Conclusion: You will not struggle in getting new post ideas if you use the methods we have mentioned above. The internet gives you the access to millions of websites. You must explore the right website to find topics for writing a blog post.

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