Why Blog Commenting is the Worst Link Building Strategy?


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Blog commenting is the worst strategy of link building.

Many pro bloggers recommend their followers to drop a comment on high page rank or high domain authority blogs (with similar niche). I think, this is the worst tip ever.

Have you seen the pro bloggers comment on other blogs which are more popular and have higher DA than their websites? The answer is no. Pro bloggers know that commenting on other sites will result in low-quality backlinks and their website‘s traffic might be affected by this.

Newbie bloggers, who are always in a hurry to make their blog rank higher in search engines will post comments on random blogs. A blog with 100s of posts will create result tons of nofollow sitewide links pointing to their website.

Let me share my story with you. When my technology news website was a couple of months old, I read somewhere that commenting on comment Luv or high PR blogs will help my site rank higher in search engines. I was excited and for 5 to 6 months, I started posting comments on many websites. I spent a lot of time searching for blog commenting sites.

I was focused only on link building, not in content. Most of the backlinks were nofollow. When Google Penguin algorithm update was rolled out in 2013, my site disappeared from the search results. Before the algorithm update, my site was getting around 6000 visitors per day.

After the update, traffic was down to 800 to 900 Unique visitors/day. To recover from Google Penguin penalty, I contacted webmasters of several websites to remove my comment from their websites. This was frustrating because I had to get contact details of the webmasters using who.is tool. If the webmaster didn’t delete the comment, I removed the blog post from my site. Believe it or not, I lifted a total of 400 blog posts.

Google Penguin algorithm update is released once or twice a year. So I had to wait for several months to know whether my efforts will pay off or not. In 2014’s Google Penguin refresh, my site started getting traffic once again, but the traffic was not completely restored.

Few things you should know:

Blog commenting doesn’t have any effect on page rank. If you post a comment on dofollow high PR website, your site’s DA will increase. If this site has a weak structure, your site will have tons of site-wide backlinks. Google might consider this as spam and in the next Penguin update, your blog’s search engine rankings might be affected.
Blog commenting is not an effective strategy for link building.

If you like an article and want to thank the author for sharing it, consider posting a comment without entering the website address in the website field of the comment form.

Conclusion: A high quality and well-written article will rank in the 1st three pages of Google. Many posts on my other websites rank on 1st page of Google. I have never created backlinks for them. Instead of wasting time in finding blog commenting sites, focus on content, page speed, and internal links.

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