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Flusa is a new web 2.0 application that allows you to place bets on almost anything you like. Well, not even almost, you can create your own topic and have anyone you want place bets on it, sort of like a “social gambling” website. Ranging from topics of cutest boys to the best next-gen gaming console, Flusta has it all with a easy-to-use user interface and a great concept in mind.

I got an interview with the site’s creator Bruno Szajer, and I talked with him a little bit about the site, where it’s going in the future, and what updates we may be seeing with this new project. Although still in Beta, Flusta looks like it’s got a lot going for it and I’m excited to see it’s growth. If you want to check out the website it’s located at, and keep reading to get the inside scoop on this cool web 2.0 app.

What is the idea behind Flusta? What kind of user experience can visitors expect when using the application?

Flusta is a place for people from around the web to bet on anything they like. Next time you and your mate have an argument over who is the hotter celebrity or which is the more superior operating system, don’t just let it go – put it on Flusta.

Your bet will be put in front of other Flusta users who will vote and determine a winner. It’s a fun and friendly environment where people can finally get answers to those age-old arguments.

Where did you get the idea for developing Flusta? What were some of your influences when developing the site?

I’ve always wanted to create a website where people could gamble on anything subject – not just sports and politics. The challenge always remained with “how to determine a winner”. I thought, if the bets can be user-generated, why not determine the winners the same way… and Flusta was born. I think of Flusta as the eBay of gambling, so I guess eBay’s near-perfect model was by far the biggest influence.

What is it that people are actually betting online? Is this a gambling web 2.0 application?

Flusta is “social gambling”. All content on the site is user-generated, from creating bets to determining winners. At the moment, the website is based around points. Users spend their points to create / accept bets, and earn them by winning and voting.

We are currently working on a number of incentives where points can be converted to something more “real”. But for now, its just for fun.

How does Flusta incorporate Social Networking into the site, if at all?

Originally, the idea was to keep users as anonymous as possible – we didn’t want voters to be influenced by their friends. However, we noticed early on, that people really wanted to know what they’re friends were gambling and voting on.

We are adding more social networking features into the site shortly to enable more of this kind of interaction.

If someone were to join Flusta right now, how long would it take before they could “learn the ropes”, so to speak?

We have members join Flusta and create their first bet within minutes. It’s so simple to use because the idea behind Flusta is simple.

What is the strangest thing you’ve seen people bet on?

My personal favorite bet is: “Would you have sex with Paris Hilton”. The winning answer is surprising – go check it out. - Screenshot

How did you come up with such a web 2.0 design for the website? Were there any websites you used for influences design-wise?

Design is always an important element. From an early stage we decided to use a soft pastel palate. It’s pleasing to the eye and gives the site a sense of fun and ease.

I always get great design inspiration from articles on

How many visitors do you get to the site, on average?

The site has been running for only a few weeks and currently receives over a thousand visitors per week.

Why did you decide to run the site on ASP as opposed to its rival, PHP?

We decided on ASP because it is what we are best at. Personally, I believe the technology behind the application is irrelevant, as long as its scalable and seamless to the end user.

For example, we use URL-rewriting (to remove file extensions) on all important pages so our technology can always change without our links having to.

Do you have any updates or upcoming additions to the site you can share with us?

Flusta is still in its infancy and is ever-evolving. We have heaps of big ideas – you will have to keep visiting the site to find out what they are.

On the flip-side, many of our updates are based around user feedback – we rank user feedback as our highest priority so make sure you leave your comments.

What is your favorite web 2.0 social networking application and why?

I would say Twitter. I’m still getting to understand its full capabilities and how I can harness them, but I think its a very simple yet powerful platform.

If you had any advice for someone creating their own web 2.0 application, what would it be?

I will pass on the 3 best pieces of advice I have been given:
“Release early, release often”
“Fail quickly”
“Remember, everything big started out small”

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