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WordPress is the best blogging software and free content management system. It performs well on a powerful server. If the server has a poor configuration, WordPress may not provide the best experience.

Websites hosted on an underpowered server suffers from heavy downtimes. The website takes ages to open on the visitor’s browser. This results in poor user experience. As the first impression is the best impression, visitors may not visit your site in the future. Search engines fuelled by Artifical Intelligence can distinguish between a user-friendly and a user-hostile website.

A site that provides horrible experience to visitors will never perform well in search results.

Being a widely used software, a large number of web hosting companies are introduced every month. While some companies offer high-quality services, there are some firms that run only for one reason – earn money.

To prevent losses, the companies introduce cheap WordPress hosting plans so as to attract a large number of customers in short time.

cheap wordpress hosting comparison review 2017

Apart from the compelling plans, some web companies buy fake reviews from professional writers. The reviews appear to have been written by a real customer.

After buying a hosting plan from a company with fake reviews, the website owners may feel that their money has been wasted. This is the time when they decide to decide to switch to another hosting provider.

If you are feeling cheated, don’t waste your time in writing negative reviews. Buy WordPress hosting from one of the following companies.

Here are the best cheap WordPress hosting services:


I’ve been a Hostgator customer for 8 months. My experience with the shared hosting plans was good.

Hostgator plans are cheap. The shared WordPress hosting plans are classified into the following three types:

  • Baby.
  • Hatchling.
  • Business.

The Hostgator plans starts at $5. The customer support is excellent. See latest plans Hostgator and pricing here.


Bluehost is a company with excellent infrastructure. It has been offering cheap WordPress hosting services since 2004. Hence, the company understands the needs of WordPress users well.

Many bloggers are using Bluehost hosting services continuously for over three years. They have never complained or faced serious issues so far.

Like Hostgator, Bluehost provides quality customer support. Bluehost plans start at $3.49. See newest Bluehost plans and pricing here.


This company has impressed me when I deployed one of my sites on its servers.

InMotion is as good as Hostgator and Bluehost. It offers plenty of features to the customers. InMotion has great hosting plans and they promise a good uptime to websites. Signup for InMotion hosting here.

Digital Ocean

DO came into existence in 2010. Its journey as a hosting provider has been amazing. It is counted among the top five cloud service providers. DO has competitive WordPress hosting plans. Furthermore, it provides great uptime.

If you’re willing to learn server configuration, website deployment, then Digitial Ocean is the good option to consider.

Digital Ocean publishes detailed tutorials on hosting related topics, website, and server optimization, etc. See latest DO plans and pricing here.

Conclusion: The above WordPress hosting services have cheap plans and they are reliable. Furthermore, they have superb network infrastructure and servers equipped with the latest hardware.

Your website will load quickly and it will provide a great experience to your visitors. According to MOZ, search engines love fast websites. Unless you do something wrong, your website will have an excellent uptime.

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