Apple HomePod Review

Apple has been on top of the market for a while now. They have had tremendous success with mobile...

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apple homepod review

Apple has been on top of the market for a while now. They have had tremendous success with mobile and computer-based devices. They have also excelled in the tablet market with the highly acclaimed iPad. Just recently, this multi-billion dollar company has announced the Apple HomePod, a brand-new smart speaker.

Apple HomePod Review

The product was released on the market to compete with other smart speakers including the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The HomePod cost significant amounts more than these other smart speakers but comes with its benefits. For example, the HomePod has advanced room mapping technology and has been through strenuous testing to ensure top quality sound. The speaker’s narrator is Siri, a recognizable voice many consumers love. The home assistant is specialized to help with everyday tasks, control your home and more. Best of all, the HomePod was tailored to work with Apple Music, set to create a whole new musical experience for listeners.

apple homepod

The Apple HomePod has deep and booming bass. The custom amplifier and 20mm driven diaphragm promises for clear and rich bass. The Apple-designed A8 chip is also integrated into the smart speaker. This chip is superb for mixing music and audio projection. Additionally, the speaker was beautifully designed. It has a sleek and simplistic appearance that makes it suitable for all spaces. Finally, the HomePod is really easy to set up. All you need to do is plug it in and it will organize the audio settings and connect to your device all by itself.

apple homepod

In retrospect, the new Apple smart speaker, HomePod, has huge potential in the assistant speaker market. It is most notable for its amazing sound quality with spatial recognition technology. Also, the sleek speaker employs the familiar Siri voice and works in unison with Apple Music. Unfortunately, the speaker is still very expensive, but it is worth the investment.

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