Apple Devices Affected By Single Character Bug

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Apple Devices Affected By Single Character Bug

The latest bug to hit Apple devices only needs a single character to crash your iPhone and to prevent you accessing your messaging apps on iOS. This bug was first discovered by Mobile World, an Italian blog.

Other Apple devices may also be affected by the same bug. It has the potential to affect any device that has the latest software update. This means it is something that you will need to look out for on all your Apple devices.

It is fairly easy for anyone to exploit this bug without having a great deal of technical knowledge. The character is from the Telugu language which is a native Indian language that is still spoken by 70 million people in the country. The bug can get on your phone if you receive a text message that contains this character or if it is typed into a text editor. This will immediately cause the phone to crash and it can also affect Macs, iPads and the Apple Watch.

If you receive the bug via a message then there does seem to be a way that it can be deleted. The messaging app that has received the bug will probably not load because it will keep crashing but the message that contains the bug needs to be deleted. However, if you can ask someone to send you a new message to the app that has been affected you should be able to delete the message that contains the bug from the notifications.

The reason that this bug is causing so many problems is that it can get into the phone in so many different ways such as via text message, email and messaging app. This means that every iPhone has the potential to be affected by this bug.

Apple has been made aware of this bug and there will be a solution to the problem that is released in the next software update. This update is expected to be released in early spring.

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