AMP Stories Format Is Coming To Google Search

Google is in the process of launching some preview on the development called AMP Stories. These words will get...

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Google is in the process of launching some preview on the development called AMP Stories. These words will get a meaning to you if only you closely follow how your phone consumes content. The highest probability you will be tempted not to follow the whole thing but please do not since having an understanding of whatever is happening will prepare you for the mega change which is about to change the way results from Google search look like before the year ends.

Fortunately, the whole things entail very simple basics. Therefore, the second section to know of is the ‘Stories’. Frequent users of Facebook properties, Instagram or Snapchat know how to define the word story. It can be defined as a full-screen content display which you can tap or swipe through. It all started from Snapchat with Instagram copying from it ruthlessly and Facebook did it more ruthlessly by trying to make every product possess Stories.

Google is now doing the same thing whereby it’s testing on a format of Stories which will be displayed after Google searching. Look for publications like CNN, People or SBNation a sister site where you will get content served in slideshows from the same partner. The slideshow could be a list of top ten moving images or other content designed specifically for mobile.

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The beginning part of these stories is AMP and it’s quite complicated. It is a web pages standard which is quite faster as compared to mobile pages in existence and its Google supported. At some point, it was a response to Instant articles on Facebook though it was served on Twitter, Bing and Google Search.

AMP is no exception as it has faced some controversy but however, it is a major traffic source for publications making use of it. Therefore, AMP featured in AMP stories means the version of Google stories is HTML-esque base built. These AMP stories are served after being coded with multiple similar tools which are used to come up with the AMP articles. Due to that, such stories tend to load fast with some being even pre-cached on the phone before you make clicks.

Vox Media is among the publishers which have been chosen and have worked together with Google so as to come up with AMP stories. Such publishers were paid to some cash so as to create the AMP stories. Unlike for Facebook, Google categorized such payment as ongoing payment.

From the preview made early in the development, the AMP stories most likely resemble SnapchatDiscover. For instance, you will note the mix of some video, moving images and text. To advance, tap on right then to reverse tap left.

Joe Alicata the chief officer of Vox Media says that for AMP stories it’s quite different not just like the used to AMP articles which fasten displayed content on the screen. Google insists on having no ads in the AMP stories.

Any publisher is capable of coming up with AMP stories although Google stands on the fact that not any stories will be published. Apparently, only some listed publishers now who can have their content displayed. You can link to or share AMP stories although appearance on the desktop is not as pleasing as on phone.

Google has not stated when and where exactly to expect the changes but from a guess, these stories will make top results and will be displayed on Android phones as well as other devices which recognize such.

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