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People join affiliate programs or signup for AdSense to earn money online. In case you’re wondering which monetization technique you should implement on your blog, go through the following 6 to 7 paragraphs.

AdSense or Affiliate Marketing : Which is better?

AdSense is the world’s best CPC network. It has the highest CPC rates. AdWords is the backbone of AdSense. It has a large number of advertisers.

Once you become a part of AdSense program, you have to place an ad code on your website in accordance with the AdSense terms and conditions. You can get the ad code from your AdSense dashboard. AdSense provides various types of ad formats

How much traffic is needed to get AdSense approval?

If your website is about wallpapers, phones, gadgets, laptops, or other electronic products and receives up to 999 visitors from search engines or social networks, Google will reject your AdSense application each time. My AdSense account application was disapproved for up to 23 times. It was finally accepted when the traffic of my tech niche website grew up to 2000 UV.

If your website covers content on some other niche and receives a decent amount of traffic from Google, your site is likely to get AdSense approval quickly.

How much money you can earn with AdSense?

On an average, the CTR of AdSense ads is 2 to 3%. Imagine that your website gets up to 1500 visitors and 90 to 95% visitors come from countries where English is not the official language E.g. India, China, Bangladesh. AdSense CPC for such countries is 0.7 to 0.13. If the CTR for your website is 3%, Ads on your website may get up tp 45 clicks. 45 x 0.10 = 4.5 USD

In case your website CTR is 3.0, you’ll earn up to 3.0 USD per day with Adsense.

If your website gets 80+ percent of visitors from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, you can earn 30 to 40 dollars every day.

If you are making less than 2 every day through site with 1000+ visitors, go through the best AdSense placement tips article to improve the earnings.

AdSense is great for:

  • Large websites with thousands of unique visitors per day.
  • A Website that receives up to 1000 visitors from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia.
  • A niche website with minimum 300 to 400 website that targets low competition high CPC keyword.

Signup for AdSense here.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you promote a product of an XYZ firm through your website. If your article or review generates a lead for XYZ, the firm will pay you a commission. The commission can be anything between 10 to 100% of the product cost.

For example, if a visitor clicks on an affiliate link on my website and purchases the product worth $100, I will earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is suitable for all types of websites. You’ll find affiliate programs for every niche.

I’ve signed up for up 10 affiliate programs and have earned commission with each of them. Guys, I don’t have 4 to 5 figure income but I’m confident that I’ll reach this figure within 3 to 4 months. Traffic on my new websites is growing every month.

This site receives a low amount of traffic but it makes money for me through various affiliate programs This blog didn’t generate revenue for 12 to 13 months because WordPress and web hosting niche are competitive and you’ll find plenty of websites sharing tips on WordPress, web hosting, themes, etc. It is difficult to rank a new website on this niche in search engines.

I didn’t give up. I kept on writing in-depth reviews on WordPress products. As my website grew, Google started ranking articles published on HB higher in search engines.

The best affiliate programs for bloggers

Share-a-sale: This is an affiliate network where you’ll find 100s of advertisers. Shareasale provides a dashboard where you can find your earnings, visitor activity, and manage payment settings. Shareasale is free to signup.

Signup for ShareASale.

Amazon Associates: AA is one my major sources of income. If you own a website related to consumer electronic products, signup for Amazon associates. You can earn 2 to 20% commission for every lead you generate.

MyThemeShop: MTS is the developer of many popular WordPress themes. It gives you the opportunity to earn up to 70% commission for every sale you generate through your blog. MTS theme costs up to 56. It has a VIP membership program which costs $100.

Signup for MyThemeShop affiliate program.

Conclusion: AdSense and Affiliate marketing are two of the best monetization options available for bloggers and website owners. If your website gets a massive amount of traffic, get an AdSense account and monetize your website with it. If your site gets few hundred visitors, you can make money with it by signing up for an affiliate program.

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