Adsense Placement Tips and Strategy to increase earnings


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Pay per click advertisement platforms is the best way to monetize a blog. When it comes to the best PPC networks, nothing beats Google Adsense.

GA is the most widely used PPC platform. It has 10 to 100 times better CPC rates than Chitika, InFolinks, Bidvertiser, etc. Thus, your first monetization option should always be Adsense. If your AdSense application gets disapproved, you should make your website better before resubmitting the application.

GA serves interest based and country specific ads. If the visitor to your website is from the US, he’ll see ads related to products and services in the United States.

Many people dream of earning a 4 or 5 figure income online with Google Adsense. If your site gets tons of traffic from the search engines, you can quickly reach this number.

If your site is not getting decent traffic, add more high-quality content to your blog and be patient. Earning a good amount of money online requires a lot of hard work and patience.

dollars : Google GAdsense Placement Tips and Strategy to increase earnings

Whether your site is having 1000s of daily unique visitors or not, you can increase your AdSense earnings quickly by placing the ads in the right position.

In one of my blog post, I had recommended users to place ad units at certain positions. Along with these spots, I would suggest you to try out the try out the below locations:

At the top of sidebar:

Place a 300 x 250 to the top of sidebar. As the ad is placed above the fold, it will attract users. You can also use a large rectangle instead of this unit. If you’ve added an ad unit at the footer, remove it because very few visitors will scroll down to the footer section of the website. This unit will have very little impressions and CTR.

468 x 60 ad unit after 1st paragraph

I have stopped using a large and mid size rectangle unit above the fold in the post content. When you insert this unit after the blog post title or after the 2nd or 1st paragraph, the ad pushes content below by 300 or 336 pixels.

A horizontal banner makes sure that the content is not pushed below the fold by a great extent.

The 468 x 60 banner should be replaced by a 320 x 100 ad unit for mobile devices else only 25% of the ad will be visible to the visitor. To do so, use media queries.

Work on organic traffic

A website with around 100 visitors from developing countries will earn a few pennies for its owner. Thus, the primary objective of the site owner should be increasing the web traffic of the site.

Note: The Google Page layout algorithm has been targeting sites that display very less content above the fold. If your site’s menu bar is not large and there’s enough post content above the fold, your site may not be affected by the page layout algorithm if you place ads in the positions which we have recommended in this article.

When I started using GA, I referred the so-called Adsense heatmap picture to find out the best Adsense locations. I placed the ad units at the top positions (according to the heatmap). After a month, I noticed that my earnings were not impacted by the change in ad positions.

Conclusion: To increase Adsense income from existing traffic, you should experiment with different ad units and locations.

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