Academy Pro review: Great theme for educational and membership sites


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Academy Pro is a premium WordPress theme developed by StudioPress. It has a brilliant design and many features. It is ideal for membership and educational websites.

Academy Pro is powered by Genesis framework and it looks great on all types of computing devices. Here’s my review of this theme:

Academy Pro review

Like other StudioPress templates, AP is easy to install. Once you download the theme, use the WordPress Content Management System’s theme installer tool to get started with Academy Pro. Here are the various features of this theme:


The menubar of Academy Pro theme is divided into two sections. The site name appears on the left section. The menu and CTA button are positioned on the right side. The theme supports drop-down menus. You can add a CTA button to the menubar.

Academy pro


The homepage of the Academy Pro theme has a killer design. It is divided into six sections. The 1st section (above the fold) allows you to add a short description, CTA button, a video which explains your business, and logos/name of the websites where your business was mentioned/featured

The 2nd section of the homepage displays the list of services you provide to customers. The 3rd section enables you to add a large CTA button.

The next section flaunts testimonials. When customers enjoy your service, they’ll appreciate your work. If customers have sent you appreciation emails, you can proudly display the emails in the testimonial section of the Academy Pro theme. You can add up to 3 testimonials in this section.

Below this section, you’ll find the details of the instructor/business owner and his/her image. The Academy Pro theme allows users to add an opt-in form and an accordion in its 5th section. If you want to get regular website visitors, add this form to your site. The instructors can display the steps they take to train/students in the accordion. The theme provides an option to enable the demo homepage layout on your site.

See the demo

Footer section

Like other StudioPress themes, Academy Pro features a footer section. Users can add links to their social network profiles and a copyright notice/symbol to the footer section of their sites.

Top Banner

Academy Pro features a Hello Bar like module which can you configure to display special offers and discounts. The theme displays the banner above the main navigation bar. The banner features a close button so that the user can hide it if they don’t find the offer/discount attractive.

Is this theme SEO friendly?

Yes! AP employs the latest HTML schema markup code which helps search engines understand the site structure and content. It is powered by Genesis Framework which makes sure that the site’s HTML code adheres to the quality standards set by Google and Bing.

Download the theme

Benefits of using the Academy Pro theme

No need to hire a developer: The theme is powered by the WordPress content management system. It has a highly customizable homepage that allows you to add various elements.

To customize the theme, all you have to do is open the settings page and configure the elements as per your requirements. Once you’ve finished customization, create new blog posts for your site to keep visitors busy. You can also use the theme‘s live customizer tool to make changes to the appearance of your site. The tool lets users change the color of the theme. It allows you to manage menus and change the layout/order of widgets/modules, etc.

Customization takes half an hour or an hour. If you’re using the Academy Pro theme, you don’ have to hire a developer.

SE friendly: StudioPress themes are used on some of the top websites of the world. AP has clean code and a responsive design. Its smart design encourages users to interact with the various elements of a website.

Post layouts and blog features

The Academy Pro theme supports three blog layouts i.e. full-width, sidebar/content and content/sidebar. It has an option to add featured image to blog posts. The theme provides a threaded commenting system. You can configure it to show a CTA button below the comment area.

Pricing: Academy Pro costs $129 on If you’re a customer of StudioPress, you can avail a great discount on the theme. StudioPress is one of the top WP theme development firms. It has introduced 25+ themes.

If you’re a person who keeps changing themes, you should grab the StudioPress Pro Plus Pack. The Pro Plus Pack gives users access to all Premium StudioPress themes. It costs $499.

Conclusion: AP is a fast loading WP template. It has a powerful homepage where you can add CTA buttons, opt-in forms, accordions, etc. The theme is easy to navigate. Its code is easy to understand.

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