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Welcome to my website. The carnaghan.com domain started its life in 1999 when I initially registered it in the hope of learning how to build my own web page. Back then I was really just beginning my journey of learning how to design, code and build sites. For many years this site was left dormant. Over the years I published some freelance work but it wasn’t until 2011 I started actively using it as a blog and began writing articles every once in a while. I also managed a different blog for a while called insidethewebb.com, but in the end I found I didn’t have the time for two sites so I merged the content here. Some of the earlier articles from insidethewebb were written by other authors. Today I use this as a space primarily for writing about current topics and concepts I am interested in within web development in general. I recently completed my doctorate and some of my more recent research activities have also been archived here. Hopefully some of what I write will be useful for others in my field, please feel free to leave comments on any posts you may find of interest.

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Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.