August 2016 - Ian Carnaghan

Is BlogSpot or Blogger safe, better than WordPress?

Blogspot and blogger are the two faces of the same coin. Blogger was known as Blogspot but when Google...

Aug 29 · 1 min read >

EMD SEO and Google : 3 Important things that you should know

Google penalizes spammy EMD sites, but do you know that Exact match domain names can outrank an authority site...

Aug 26 · 1 min read >
emd domain seo google

Freelance Writing vs Blogging : Which is better?

Freelance writing and blogging are two of the most preferred options for making money online by working from home. If...

Aug 24 · 1 min read >
freelance writing vs blogging work from home

Dependency Injection / Service Container Example

In an earlier post, I outlined the basics of dependency injection and talked a little bit about the Drupal...

Aug 22 · 2 min read >
Drupal 8 Service Container

Best Nginx PHP-FPM MySQL (MariaDB) stack for Windows

I own a laptop which has a dedicated graphics card. I am a developer who prefers using Linux OS....

Aug 20 · 1 min read >
wpn-xm nginx php-fpm MySQL development stack for Windows

Logging in Drupal 8

Logging is very important in any production site because we don’t have the same ability to debug code that...

Aug 19 · 1 min read >
Logging in Drupal 8

Introduction to Drupal 8 Theming

Drupal 8 has a new theme engine, however many of the concepts we are familiar with in Drupal 7...

Aug 18 · 2 min read >
Drupal 8 Theming

Creating a Custom Content Entity Type

Drupal 8 has seen a lot of improvements for content entities and with the new Drupal console, setting up...

Aug 17 · 4 min read >
Custom Content Entity Type

Configuring your Local Drupal 8 Development Environment

I have struggled with properly optimizing my local environment in terms of enabling debugging and disabling cache for a...

Aug 16 · 53 sec read >
Drupal 8 Development Environment