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Three Simple Steps to Setup Your UMUC Nova Server Account

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Nova is a Unix based web server which is used through various computer studies courses at UMUC. If you are taking one of my web design classes or are enrolled in another UMUC class that uses Nova, the information provided here should be helpful. Nova is the server you will be using to setup your web directories for publishing content online. In order to set up a Nova account you will need you MyUMUC login and password. Once created you will be assigned a unique Nova login account.

To set up Nova you will need to use an SSH (Secure SHell) client. If you are a Mac user, this comes built into your system, if you are a Windows user you will need to download an SSH client. I highly recommend PuTTY, which is is a free program that you can download from

Step 1 Create your Nova Login

SSH into If you are a Mac user, open Terminal and enter the following command:


If you are a Windows user, open PuTTY and enter in the hosts field. Click ‘Open’. Once you are connected to Nova, either via the Mac SSH Client or PuTTY, at the login prompt type


and press enter

Step 2 Supply your UMUC Login Credentials


Verify Account Creation

  • Your student information will be verified and classes for which you are currently registered will be listed. You will receive one of the following messages:
    • Account not needed: No computer account is required for this class, or if an account is required, it is not the type created by the newclass system.
    • Account already exists: You have already used newclass to create an account for this class.
    • Account will be created: An account will be created for this class during this newclass session.
  • You should receive the third message since this is a new account for the class.
  • Press enter and your account will be created (please allow several minutes for this process to complete).
  • You will need to accept UMUC’s computer user policy at which point please type accept and press enter

Write down your user account name and password. You will need this to log back into Nova. Press enter to end the newclass session



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