March 2014 - Ian Carnaghan

Testing email in a local development environment

Have you ever had a need to test email functionality on an application within your local development setup?  I...

Mar 20 · 52 sec read >
Testing email

Heather Remote Usability Session 10

Heather also experienced some workflow issues with the application where she was unable to locate various areas of the...

Mar 16 · 13 sec read >

Meg Remote Usability Session 9

Meg had some difficulty working with the various grids, however once she learned the process, she was able to...

Mar 9 · 10 sec read >

Michael Remote Usability Session 8

Michael was able to complete all tasks without many concerns.  He observer and pointed out a few potential enhancements...

Mar 9 · 10 sec read >

Romey Remote Usability Session 7

Romey completed most tasks with ease, however on a few occasions she came across recurring issues.  She had trouble...

Mar 3 · 8 sec read >