January 2014 - Ian Carnaghan

Curriculum Mapping for Expeditionary Learning

Curriculum Mapping is the process of documenting lessons, activities and assessment methods used within different grade levels and classes...

Jan 30 · 14 min read >
Curriculum Mapping for Expeditionary Learning

Jeff Remote Usability Session 6

Jeff ran into some problems when he did not save the form page he was on and lost changes. ...

Jan 15 · 14 sec read >

Megan Remote Usability Session 5

Megan was able to complete most tasks with ease.  The only issue she seemed to have was related to...

Jan 15 · 11 sec read >

Backwards Design

Backwards design is a methodology used to develop curriculum, which promotes the identification of learning results at the start...

Jan 14 · 15 min read >

Lorie Remote Usability Session 4

This usability testing session revealed some issues with the using the Big Ideas drop-down selectors for adding new records. ...

Jan 14 · 15 sec read >

Kate – Remote Usability Session 3

This remote usability test also revealed some problems with workflow as well as keyboard accessibility problems not previously discovered. ...

Jan 11 · 12 sec read >