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Blogging and Design Tips from Pro Blog Design Creator Michael Martin

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Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of running a blog is keeping up with design trends. You can write amazing articles and share the best tips on the web, but if your blog looks like a run-down 1990’s ripoff or some generic WordPress template, chances are you won’t be attracting many visitors to your site. The most famous and …

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Interview with Professional Freelance Web Designer Shay Howe

In Careers, Freelance by Inside The Webb11 Comments

One of the fastest growing professions is website design and web developers, especially with the attraction of working freelance. Many people hate the 9-5 grind induced through corporate America, and having the option to work from home on your own time seems like a much more viable and interesting option to many. Although in the end it may require a …

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Interview with Little Box of Ideas Design Blog

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Much alike many designers out there, I’m constantly craving new graphic design inspiration, web design galleries, and everything the life of a designer should be filled to the brim with. This leads me on my quest of finding the best design blogs out on the internetz, and my interview today is no shortage. Little Box of Ideas is a great …

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Getting Inside Creativity Den: New Inspiration Blog for Designers

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Web designers have no shortage of inspiration these days. It seems as though there are new design and inspiration blogs popping up every hour, and there’s never a shortage of posts to go around. With new social media sites such as Design Moo and DesignBump, articles for graphic artists and web designers are able to spread like wildfire. It’s rare …