120 Hz 4K Monitors Of The Future – The BFGD

     It is 2018 already and its about time we get a gaming monitor that is big in size...

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   It is 2018 already and its about time we get a gaming monitor that is big in size , supports 120 hz and above and is 4k . Introducing the one new display with all those lovely features and still more , it’s called The Big Format Gaming Display or BFGD for short . It is the first monitor that has a big display and made specifically for gaming ,  providing us with the ultimate 4K gaming experiance . Gamer’s Rejoice !

BFGDs are going to hit the market probably later this year , coming from ACER, ASUS and HP, and are said to be 65 inches, running at glorious 4K and at a 120Hz , with G-SYNC technology, HDR with 1000 nit peak brightness and what becomes the delicious frosting on the cake is that they will be integrated with the NVIDIA SHIELD, providing users with access to Netflix, 4K YouTube ad Amazon Video, NVIDIA Game Stream , Android apps and games and much much more.

With the BFGDs all games will be clear and free of blur,  no tearing or stuttering accompanied with the highest level of detail . And lets not forget the HDR for the clearest, brightest, most vivid HDR experience to be witnessed on the gaming screen . The best part about the BFGDs is that they have a ultra-low input latency, fluid and vivid exactly like a PC gaming monitor if not better .

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